We count business and technical analysis among Delta Think’s strongest competitive advantages. Every consultant on our team is an analyst and expert problem solver. Each has extensive scholarly publishing experience coupled with ongoing industry participation, making for a uniquely comprehensive perspective. We pride ourselves on performing practical business and technical analyses that result in actionable deliverables, all within the context of our clients’ culture, capabilities, and objectives. We never create a plan that doesn’t anticipate and address the impact of change. Delta Think provides a diverse portfolio of business, content, and technical analytical services including:

  • Facilitating strategic planning and idea generation
  • Managing task forces
  • Defining and optimizing workflow processes
  • Defining and prioritizing requirements and use cases
  • Creating and executing test plans
  • Designing, building, and executing system and process training
  • Developing implementation roadmaps including organizational impact analysis
  • Performing content analysis, inventories, and audits
  • Creating content enrichment strategies and implementation plans
  • Assessing overall business and technical environments
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Information (RFI) development, vendor assessments,
    selection, and contract negotiation
  • Conducting technical and operational due diligence on potential acquisitions, mergers, or partnerships