Do you have an OA Journal? Are you considering adding OA to your journal program? Should you start a fully OA journal or add a hybrid option?

What are the current article volumes and established APC’s in your specialty?

Delta Think’s Open Access Data & Analytics provides the insight to plan your strategy!



How does your open access journal program stack up against market trends?

What are publishers, funders, and institutions doing to transition to OA and make it sustainable?

Delta Think’s Open Access Data & Analytics gives you the data to benchmark your program!

2017 ALPSP Awards



Whether or not you publish open access, OA is part of the scholarly ecosystem. Do you have your finger on the pulse of changing OA market conditions?

Are you keeping track of launches of new OA journals, services, policies, and mandates?

Delta Think’s Open Access Data & Analytics helps you stay current!

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Open Access Data & Analytics Tool

Most organizations want to make data-driven decisions. They want to define their strategy, monitor its progress, and adjust their trajectory proactively, fueled by data. But several things get in the way. They may not have a reliable data set, they may not have the tools to interact with data, or they may lack internal bandwidth or competencies to structure data analysis into actionable insights.

The Delta Think Open Access Data & Analytics Tool provides you with the insights you need to make continual, intelligent, data-driven decisions about Open Access.

Confident flying solo? With a subscription to our Open Access Data & Analytics Tool you have access to all the curated, normalized, and continually updated data points and interactive tools you need to assess where the market is today, along with our extra layer of expert analysis which allows you to model and predict your own open access path.

Want a co-pilot? Through our consulting services, you have a team of analysts that can help you answer your key Open Access questions using our data set and visualizations exclusively or supplementing our data with your internal data to create a custom analysis.

Prefer to ride along? Rather than acquiring market intelligence that is updated every year or every other year, you can subscribe to our service. The Delta Think Open Access Data & Analytics Tool is refreshed continually with new topics and analyses, providing you with a living source of open access marketing intelligence.


For subscribers preferring to interact with our OA Data, pre-set data visualizations are embedded in the analysis and provide easy on-demand access to the data enabling you to keep current with the ever-changing open access market dynamics.

See how customizable filters allow you to slice and dice the data, to fit your specific needs, in the chart below.

Excerpted from the Delta Think Open Access Data Analytics Tool. Source: OpenDOAR. Data used with kind permission, under a CC BY-NC-SA license.


With your subscription to Open Access Data & Analytics Tool you get continually updated data, visualizations, and analysis on topics such as:

  • Article Processing Charges
  • Business Models
  • Funding
  • Mandates

  • Market Sizing and Drivers
  • Toolkits
  • Monthly New & Views
  • And more…with new topics added regularly!

Watch as Ann Michael and Dan Pollock present the versatility of the Delta Think Open Access Data & Analytics Tool (OA DAT), as a finalist in the 2017 ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing. After a short overview, the OA DAT is used to answer two questions.

How do my APCs compare with the industry, and in my specialty?

How might changes in funding impact my manuscript flow?

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