We work with publishers and associations to create new digital strategies and refine current strategies. As part of this process we define the digital portfolio in terms of audiences, usage scenarios, content, business models, and interoperability opportunities. For multi-faceted organizations whose services include membership, consulting, conferences, grants, public outreach, etc., it is critical to define how all of their capabilities can be presented digitally to create a meaningful and cohesive user experience. We help them present a single face to their customers, their members.

Digital Strategy engagements may include Market Research & Customer Insight as well as interpreting existing market research, conducting competitive analyses, exploring partnerships and collaborations, assessing organizational capabilities, assessing technology options, conducting impact assessments and creating change management plans.

Additionally, Digital Strategy often dovetails into Content Strategy, as an organization seeks to understand exactly how their Digital Strategy then translates into the ways in which they create, manage, store, deliver, and enrich content. Our ability to offer a wide breadth of services allows us to efficiently combine our Digital Strategy services with other key services to offer your organization a uniquely cohesive solution.

  • Evaluating the current digital environment, organizational strategy, and industry trends and practices
  • Defining digital strategy, strategic objectives, and guiding principles
  • Creating change management and implementation roadmaps
  • Defining success metrics, benchmarks, and governance practices