Delta Think consultants have decades of experience supporting scholarly publishers and associations in their mission to deliver the highest impact content-based products and services, grounded in a strong, innovative Content Strategy. A robust Content Strategy enables an organization to define effective business and editorial processes, select the right tools and technologies to support them, and effectively and efficiently deliver content through multiple channels and for multiple audiences. For our clients, content is the cornerstone of what they do. They facilitate, create, or aggregate high quality content that supports researchers, practitioners, professionals, academics, and students. The principles and policies within a content strategy impact resource allocation, workflow, technology choices, and governance processes. Since our inception, we have worked with our clients to develop the foundation they need to build a content collection that exceeds their customers’ and members’ expectations. Let us help you to:

  • Develop an overarching strategy to encompass the spirit and direction for content creation, management, and delivery
  • Establish guiding principles and policies to interpret how the strategy impacts function and behavior
  • Assess impact of the strategy on staff, skills, technology, etc. and developing an implementation plan
  • Define baseline workflow and governance processes
  • Define metrics to assess content strategy impact