The dynamics of the Open Access (OA) publishing market are in flux. Organizations that rely on scholarly publications for any significant portion of their revenue are accelerating their efforts to evaluate where and how OA publishing fits into their overall strategies. How might current trends impact their publishing programs and their organizations overall? Will Plan S be a factor in determining the OA options they offer? What about post-Plan S initiatives and future policies taking shape?

Through strategic reviews, workshops, and custom reporting, Delta Think can help you address the future of your publishing portfolio.

  • How might funder mandates, like Plan S, impact my publications?
  • How can I determine if and when I should flip my hybrid journals to fully OA? What can I do to prepare?
  • What is a “transformative agreement” and how can I construct one?
  • Where should I set the Article Processing Charge (APC) for my journals? What are the common APC ranges in my discipline? How do my publications compare?
  • Are there non-APC models I can consider for flipping to a fully OA publication?

Delta Think is uniquely qualified to support organizations exploring  their Open Access options. In addition to more than a decade of experience supporting academic publishers of all sizes, we have continually developed our skills in data analysis as applied to strategic evaluation and modeling. In January 2017, we launched the Delta Think Open Access Data & Analytics Tool (OA DAT) to increase industry data proficiency and to support all of the stakeholders in the scholarly communications ecosystem making strategic and ongoing decisions about OA.

Because of our experience, Delta Think has become one of the premier organizations to engage when formulating OA strategy, building OA market intelligence, or creating actionable OA implementation plans. Our services include:

OA Strategic Review and Analysis

OA strategic reviews can vary in comprehensiveness and are designed to meet specific objectives. When considering the launch of a new OA journal or “flipping” a journal from subscription or hybrid to fully OA, there are market-related and strategic drivers as well as content, cultural, operational, and financial considerations. Strategic reviews may focus on identifying and validating strategy at a high level and making implementation recommendations, or they may dive deeper, detailing potential impact and defining a full business case. Strategic reviews may also function as a strategy “audit”, evaluating your current publications portfolio.

OA Strategy Workshop

There are times when a focused workshop is the best way to engage your stakeholders and take action. Whether you’re just starting to explore OA or you’ve already amassed information and analysis in-house, a strategic workshop may be a quick way to mobilize key stakeholders and work collaboratively to establish your priorities and set your direction. Additionally, for organizations that have OA publications, a strategic workshop is an effective way to evaluate your current portfolio and determine your path forward.

OA Custom Reports

Delta Think works with clients to define specific research objectives to include in custom Open Access reports. Analysis for custom reports may be exclusively based on data accessible through the Delta Think Open Access Data & Analytics Tool or may involve additional research and data collection as well as incorporation of internal publishing data.