The American Medical Association (AMA) is the country’s largest non-profit association of physicians and medical students. For over 160 years, the AMA has promoted the art and science of medicine for the betterment of the public health, to advance the interests of physicians and their patients, to promote public health, to lobby for legislation favorable to physicians and patients, and to raise money for medical education.
Delta Think has worked extensively with the AMA over several years on a variety of engagements.

We have helped them understand emerging publishing models, their impact on their publications, and how the group might best position itself given evolving standards. We engaged in a scoping effort to identify and prioritize areas of impact that these models might have on the AMA program. This included market research and an analysis of AMA systems, processes, business practices, departments, and resources.

Our consultants also developed a methodology for project assessment and prioritization across the AMA project portfolio. We provided a short-term road map of project execution, taking into consideration strategic alignment, resource constraints, dependencies, and funding.

Finally, we provided market research services to help the JAMA Network team explore how physicians access, read, and use digital resources through a series of in-depth contextual interviews. These interviews provided information on customer behavior and needs that we subsequently used in a product-visioning workshop.