University of California Press (UCP) is one of the largest non-profit scholarly publishers in the US. They publish 200 new books and 30 journals in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences annually alongside two open-access publishing programs, Collabra and Luminos, for journal and monograph publishing.

Delta Think worked with UCP to support the formulation of a digital publishing strategy. We incorporated several Level 1 and Level 2 Market Research methods, including interviews and a competitive landscape analysis, to uncover and analyze key trends in the market. Based on this analysis and the UCP portfolio and business strategy, Delta Think defined a strategic framework for the Press, in collaboration with key UCP staff. The digital strategy included a high level description of the environment required to support that strategy, and an initial consideration of its organizational impact.
Ultimately, the strategy reflected UCP’s diverse holdings while offering a unified and clear direction for how UCP thought about, and acted upon, digital opportunities.