My clients often know what they need before I arrive.

So, why do they hire me?

Sometimes their knowledge is buried in the
organization. The information exists at
some level, but it hasn’t gotten to the right place or into the right form to inspire
action. I help dig it out, refine it,
and package it for decision making and execution.

Other times, decision makers feel they’re on the
right track, but they’d like validation from an outside party. Is the organizational knowledge bubbling up
(sideways, or down) accurate, current, and complete?

They could also be looking for a fresh
perspective, one that isn’t tied to organizational practices or biases.

Consultants can also help fill resources gaps
until someone is hired or peak demand subsides.

In whatever role I find myself, I’m almost always amazed
at how smart organizations can be. I
might help refine or target their ideas, but they already have a collective
wisdom that is pretty spot on.

My job is to help the process along: communication
and execution.

So maybe consultants are people who take the watch
off your wrist and tell you the time, but I’m hoping we offer a little more
than that!

Bonus: One of my favorite jokes about consultants. I considered naming this post "Give Me Back My Dog" but didn’t think most people would get it.