You meet someone who is highly recommended by a

As you get to know each other it seems as though
you share the same philosophies about collaboration, clients, and conducting business.

Your businesses are a perfect complement so you enter
into a partnership and jointly work with your first client.

Early in the relationship your partner starts to
get territorial. It’s “their way or the

You try to identify how you might be contributing
to the issue. You try to adapt your
style. It doesn’t help.

You discuss the issue with your partner, but they
don’t see it. In fact, they think these discussions
are a testament to your fine working relationship – you two can talk about the
tough issues and resolve them. But, they’re
not getting resolved, just avoided or ignored.

And, they’re getting worse!

It’s starting to impact the client. They’re not just disregarding you. They’ve started acting this way toward the

Now what do you do?

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