As your business grows, so
will the ways through which you find and fulfill work. 

There will likely be
people with whom you forge business development relationships.

You may work on
engagements together as partners. You
may pass leads to each other. You may
work as a contributor on their contracts and they may work on yours.  

It’s efficient! It’s how you increase business development
reach and available resources on projects without formally hiring people.

It’s also a flexible way
to tailor your team’s capabilities to the specific needs of your customer at
any point in time.

However, as a solopreneur
or small business owner, these are the trickiest relationships to build and
nurture effectively.

When a relationship
involves sharing, developing, and closing leads, compensation expectations and roles
and responsibilities
need to be clearly defined from the beginning to avoid
confusion and complications.

Tomorrow we’ll consider
these relationships and how they might work.