If you work on your own, once you’ve decided who
you are, what you do, and who it benefits, you still have to figure out how you
want to conduct your business.

Would you rather have one client fill 100% of your
availability for an extended period of time or do you prefer to have more than
one client at a time for shorter periods?

Neither answer is right or wrong. It depends on your goals.

If you’re a freelancer a lot of work over a long
period of time might be just what you want.  It represents security, time savings (less
time looking for work), and consistency (working with the same people).

If you’re building a business having a full time client
may leave you no time to find future clients, develop diverse streams of
revenue, or experience diverse settings and challenges. Ironically, you may feel less secure with “all
your eggs in one basket”.

Do you sell your time?

Have you thought about which model you prefer?