Sometimes it only takes one comment to stimulate your
thinking. Phil provided that
comment yesterday in response to When
Brands Collide

“You know, Internet service providers noticed the
same thing. At first, they thought we would never change our e-mail address, so
thought we were trapped
.” [Emphasis Added]

The premise of yesterday’s post was that people are finding it easier
to move from one product or service to another and they’re doing so more frequently.

A change that might have taken them years to
make, now takes months or weeks.

Unfortunately, while consumers are finding it easier to change or replace products, many
are finding it more difficult

Rather than creating products, services and features
their customer would value, they turn to “stickiness” with a flawed intent.

They believe they can trap customers on
their platform.

That used to be true – but times have changed.

The only true stickiness is a phenomenal,
accessible, and relevant product!