Months ago, a
friend of mine was buying a smart phone for the first time. When he polled people about what to buy, it
seemed that they had stayed with the products they’d first bought.

I’ve been no
exception. Having started with a
Blackberry, I was so anxious to get the Pearl that I moved from Verizon to
Cingular to get it faster.

It appears to take
a significant disappointment in your current product or a major breakthrough in
a competitive one to inspire change.

I had access to my
first PC at 18. I’ve worked on a PC ever
since. Next month I’m getting a MacBook
and I don’t expect to look back.

Vista was my significant

Although I love my
Pearl, I expect that I will soon be the proud owner of an iPhone.

I have an iPod Touch and I love it. As soon as I can rationalize the purchase of
an iPhone, bye, bye, Blackberry.

My Blackberry has never
disappointed me. It’s just getting out

What’s interesting
is that switching products is becoming easier for me:

PC to Mac = 25 years

Verizon to Cingular = 10 years

Pearl to iPhone = 1 year (estimated)

Product developers
should be worried.