Have you ever wondered why
large established companies often have problems innovating?

Could it be that they
think they have too much to lose? 

Could it be that they’re
worried about their reputation?

I think Seth
hit the nail on the head today.  

“Most organizations view
business development opportunities as a threat… because a mistake could upset
the status quo, could cost money or time, or even get someone in trouble…”

As a result, too many
people are involved discussing and analyzing the suggestion. Compromise is made. And what could have been an opportunity to
try something new, maybe even to conduct a low cost experiment, turns into a
the same old thing or nothing at all. 

Instead, Seth suggests
that you “Look at a deal. Decide if there’s enough upside possibility. Do the “What’s
the Worst That Could Happen” test. Figure out how to avoid the most egregious
outcomes. Then do it.”

Do you know of a company
that does the “What’s the worst that could happen” test? What’s the worst that has happened?

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