I have often told people
(only partially tongue-in-cheek) that my favorite 20th century
philosopher is Popeye. 

Why, you ask?

What could be “deeper” than

“I yam what I yam and
that’s all what I yam

The English may not be
perfect, but is that brilliance, or what? 

Wouldn’t we all be a lot
happier if we knew what we were and what we weren’t?

My second favorite Popeye
“ism” is: 

“That’s all I can takes
and I can’t takes no more”

That just about sums it up
– know who you are and what you can take and live your life accordingly.  

Spinach made Popeye
strong. What’s your “spinach”? Is it time alone, a hobby, working on a tough
problem? What gets you going?

Now, I’m sure Popeye would
be a staunch advocate of self-improvement, but doesn’t it help us to improve if
we’ve inventoried our basic resources? 

It’s the middle of a
three-day weekend here in the US, so that’s all I can takes for today!

See you tomorrow.