Earlier this month, Steve Farber stopped by and made a comment
on one of The
Change Resistors
posts. As I result
I visited his blog and ended up reading his first book, The
Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership

Radical Leap
is a business parable about Extreme Leadership.  

Leap stands for: Love, Energy,
Audacity, and Proof. 

“Love is the ultimate
motivation of the Extreme Leader: love of something or someone; love of a cause;
love of a principle; love of the people you work with and the customers you

This love creates
energy. Don’t you work harder, longer,
and happier when you love what you’re doing? I do. 

It also inspires audacity,
“a bold and blatant disregard for normal constraints”. As Steve points out, “love-inspired audacity
is courageous and bold and filled with valor… ego-inspired audacity… [is
when] people are audacious just for the purpose of drawing attention to

Finally, the “proof” is proving
to yourself and others that you mean what you say and you are what you claim to
be. Take risks, do what you say you’ll
do, and stand up for what’s right.

My favorite quote in the
book: “Fear is a natural part of growth, and since growth, change and
evolution are all on the Extreme Leader’s agenda, fear comes with the
territory.” (Emphasis added) 

For those of you that
might be turned off by the “L” word, consider this resource as well, Love is the Killer App,
by Tim Sanders, Fast Company, January 2002.

 “People who love what they’re doing, who love
to learn new things, to meet new people, and to share what and whom they know
with others: These are the people who wind up creating the most economic value
and, as a result, moving their companies forward.”