I was sitting in Starbucks
telling my husband about how picky I have become with coffee.

Now, Starbucks wanted me
to be picky.

They wanted me to prefer
their roasts to (God forbid) Maxwell House or Folgers (remember that stuff that
came in the cans?).


And I do.

But, when my Starbucks
barista pulls my shot too long or short – I can taste it.

I really can. I couldn’t before. I can now.

When it’s not made exactly
the way I asked for it, I can taste that too. 

When it’s not right, I ask
them to fix it.

I can’t drink it anymore
when it’s not right.


They ruined me! 

But they got just what
they wanted.

If they ever stop
delivering what I’ve been trained to expect, I’ll leave and never look back. 

They got just what they

Now it’s up to them to
keep it.

(PS. After I posted about what I expect, I saw Seth Godin posted about What People Want  an interesting combination!)