I have two favorite pass

I love to read signs and
come up with alternative meanings for them. Steve
Farber does this too

I also love to ask silly

One time when I was
driving to work I saw a turkey cross the street. It kind of flew. I didn’t think turkeys could fly so I called
my husband. 

“Can turkeys fly?” 

He found me the answer.

Another time I called him
when my plane landed at 2:00am. It was

He answered the phone and
heard “Do planes have snow tires?”

My husband says being
married to me is like being married to a 6-year old.

Looking at signs or coming
up with silly questions are fun mental exercises.

It’s fun to look
at things from different perspectives or to find wonder in things you see all the time.

Besides – sometimes it
makes my husband crazy and that’s the most fun of all!  

(In case you’re
interested, wild turkeys can