Technology is not good or bad. It has no morality.

Technology creates capability and convenience.

It makes it easier for people to do what they
do and to be who they are.

It doesn’t teach us moderation or responsibility.

We have to learn that on our own.

While we become more easily connected to others,
we also become increasingly susceptible to ignoring the people right in front
of us.

At the same time we enjoy the convenience of a
quick call, we also risk ignoring the car that just stopped short for no
apparent reason.

Technology is not responsible for these actions.

It’s not selective.

But, we can be – if we think about what we’re doing.

Is there someone or something in front of me
that should have my complete attention – right now?

Is this call, IM, or email more
important than they are?

Am I creating a hazard?

Ironically, technology can make us both more connected and more disconnected – at the very same time – if we’re not paying attention.