Every “explanation” we offer for why the thing that was
supposed to happen didn’t happen is an excuse.

They’re not all bad. Sometimes they offer insights that benefit
the recipient.

Mostly, though, they don’t.

This occurred to me as I wrote my first post after
10 days of silence. It was the longest I
had ever gone without writing.

Did you need to hear that I was busy or traveling
or sick or uninspired or just plain lazy?

No, you didn’t.

If I had written an explanation, it would have
been because I needed to justify my absence. It would have been all about me.

So let’s make a commitment to each other.

The next time we miss a date, annoy a customer,
say the wrong thing, or do anything else that we feel needs justification, let’s

Let’s just fix the problem, in the eyes of those
impacted, and move on.