Blaine Collins over at Stronger Teams posed this

social networking of the generation or in the genes?

I’m over 40 and use these
tools all the time. I have MANY over 40
(and 50) friends that do the same.  

I also know of MANY under
30’s that don’t.

So I’m not sure if it’s
personal bias, but I don’t feel age is adequate as a single determining factor
of one’s predisposition toward social networking tools. Age might be part of the equation but there
seem to be other variables that weigh in heavily. 

Steve spoke about
genes. Well I can tell you that my soon-to-be-82-year-old
has posted and commented on WWII pictures. He’s also been thrilled to find some of his
WWII acquaintances online.

But, I’m not sure it’s
just genes either. 

I believe that curiosity
and one’s desire to learn are factors. 

Flexibility is also a

Utility may be one as well. Social networking, the Internet, email, and
virtual collaboration tools make me more productive and more knowledgeable
about my industry. They have become a
requirement for me to keep up. 

One’s propensity toward
networking and building relationships with people in the first place may also
be important.  

I know I seemed to
“collect” people long before these tools were around. The problem is I’d lose track of them over

Now I can maintain
relationships over longer periods of time, greater distances, and different
phases of life. 

Regardless of what the
predictive model may need to include, social networking, and electronic
interactions in general, can now have an important place in interpersonal

But as is the case with
most other things in life, the key is balance. 

We still need to get on
the phone, in the car, or on a plane from time to time to keep our
relationships healthy, vibrant, and productive.

Our tool box just got