Good Hands

A car accident is probably one of the worst
experiences you can have
. First there’s
the worry, then the clean up.

Volvo (and seatbelts) handled the worry.

Allstate handled the clean up.

They have been great. They got my car, paid off my loan, sent me a
check, handled all the medical bills directly, AND my insurance hasn’t gone

How could I ask for anything more?


I have three email accounts that I access through
Outlook and I wanted to add one more today.

Simple – right?

Wrong. After 6 hours and a bit of “compromising on my requirements”, I have a
passable solution.

I know many of you are “solopreneurs”. What do you do for IT support?


My husband sent this picture to me in 2001. It helps with frustrating days.

How to tell if your ass is too small: