If you’re self-employed and have ever struggled to
articulate your business strategy, Tony
D. Clark
, Success from the Nest,
has written a must read series about the business hierarchy of needs.

While Tony’s intent is to assist the self-employed,
I feel his hierarchy can be applied to any information or service oriented
business as a way to understand the value it offers its customers.

Hierarchy of the Successfully Self-Employed (part 1)
Freelancing is for Suckers (part 2)
All the Aggravation of Employment, Without All the Perks
(part 3)
You May Already be an Expert…You Just Don’t Know It (part
Share More by Doing Less
(part 5)

Another one of my new favorite blogs has been
Michelle Kraft’s The Krafty Librarian. She discussed the pros and cons of UpToDate on two separate blog posts.

Your Doctors Addicted to UpToDate?

Discussion Continues

For those of you not
familiar with medical publishing, “UpToDate

is designed to get clinicians the concise, practical answers they need when
they need them the most – at the point-of-care.”

Plus, here’s one more from Michelle that points to
some great reference material: EMR
and the Role of Librarians

If you’re in the medical information business,
Michelle’s blog is a great find!