Does anyone else find this amusing?

Microsoft makes a bid for Yahoo! and Google
screams monopoly

I am a big Google fan. While some of their tactics are questionable
(especially if you are a publisher), their overall mission is admirable.

But, who has more of a monopoly on all things
Internet than Google?

According to the Outsell Inc report Information
Industry Market Size and Share Rankings: Preliminary 2007 Results
required): “Total information industry growth with Google included as 5.3% but
without Google this figure falls to 3.8%.”

That represents a 1.5% impact on growth in a $381B
industry (as estimated by Outsell in that same report).

That statistic only talks about their percentage
as an information industry application, service, and content (?) provider.

What about Google’s position as the purveyor of
online advertising? What percentage of that
market is controlled by Google? I don’t
know, but I bet it’s pretty near a monopoly standing.

So is it okay to be a monopoly if you’re Google
but not okay if you aren’t?

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