I believe that men and women become more effective
leaders when they are willing to respect, learn from, and even adopt each other’s
strategies and tactics.

Over the decades, I’ve noticed men become more collaborative and supportive, women become
more adept at focusing on core issues, and both genders develop their
abilities to balance head and heart.

Gender is not the only variable in the
workplace. There are ethnicities, generations, personalities, nationalities, learning styles, communication
preferences, job functions, and many more.

Imagine if these differences did not represent
barriers to learning as much as opportunities to expand our thoughts and

Diversity may contribute to the complexity of an
organization, but it also increases innovation, problem solving skills, and even
market relevance.

Let’s take a minute and consider what we could
learn from the very different people that are around us.

particular attention to anyone you find really annoying!)

Let’s also consider what we’re missing if everyone
around us is just like us!