Every once in a while a
story comes along and you check the calendar to see if it’s April 1st. Today was one of those days. The New York Times published For CBS’s
Fall Lineup, Check Inside Your Refrigerator

“The network plans to
announce today that it will place laser imprints of its trademark eye insignia,
as well as logos for some of its shows, on eggs — 35 million of them in
September and October. CBS’s copywriters are referring to the medium as
“egg-vertising,” hinting at the wordplay they have in store.” 

OK – you’re in the grocery
store. You open a carton of eggs to make
sure none of them are broken. You see
that there is writing on your eggs. Do

  1. Giggle at the advertiser’s ingenuity and purchase the eggs?
  2. Gasp in horror that advertising has been printed on your food and look for another brand of eggs to buy?
  3. Decide to become a vegan on the spot and dare someone to advertise on your broccoli?
  4. Purchase the eggs, drive to your local CBS affiliate, and … egg ‘em?

You decide!


Thanks to John Dodds at Make Marketing History for
bringing this one to my attention!

also covered this today.  

If you search for “CBS”
and “eggs” on Google Blog Search
you’ll get a pretty long list of blogs
that covered or commented on this.

My personal award for the
best titled blog post on the subject goes to Kitty with the post entitled: Is
this a yolk

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