I added a “Linked In”
button on my left side bar a few weeks ago.

A colleague of mine first
pointed me to Linked In about 3 years
ago. It was an interesting way to put
together a professional
and then link to the profiles of others you know.

It didn’t really catch on
back then and I forgot all about it. 

A few months ago I started
getting Linked In invitations again, several each week.

So, I dusted off my
profile and started using it.  

I’m really curious as to why
Linked In is catching on now.

The website statistics
on Alexa
show a big jump in popularity in May (right around the time I
started getting more invitations). 

Did it reach its tipping

Did it introduce new features that make
it more attractive?  

If any of you know the
Linked In story, I’d really love to hear it!