That’s what Liz Strauss’ dad used to tell his
customers. He was a saloon keeper. Liz is a saloon keeper’s daughter. 

She often says that what
she learned about relationships and community, she learned from her

One of the most amazing
parts of community (to me) is reciprocity. You don’t go in to relationships and become part of communities because
you expect something, but you almost always get back equal or in excess of what
you put in. 

So, how would you feel if
your customers, friends, and “fans”, got together and scheduled a conference for you?  

A conference that
showcased your beliefs, how they impact your life and your business, and what
you can do to take your efforts to the next level? 

I would think that was an
incredible display of loyalty, support, and respect.

And it is, but more
importantly, it’s the very definition of community. 

I must admit that I hear
about relationships, conversations, and community almost to the point of nausea

Why do I put it that
way? Because many of the people that use
these words have no idea what they mean in practice. 

Sure they can TELL you how
important those terms are to business, to marketing, and to them personally –
but it all falls apart when you see them in action.

Liz, Phil, Mike, and the other
organizers and presenters at SOBCon07
are not posers!  

They practice what they
preach – and that’s why I’ll be there.

Hope I get to see you!

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