Lately I’ve found myself talking to companies that
want to work with publishers, but they’re having a difficult time getting any business.

In almost every conversation the same issue

The vendor wants to make the publisher understand their unique value proposition.

However, the vendor’s general knowledge of
publishing is often lacking and their specific understanding of the publisher
they’re “targeting” is virtually non-existent.

The vendor wants to be treated like a partner, but
they don’t act like one!

All publishers may create and manage content,
deliver it via multiple channels, and engage in marketing activities, but they
are all different.

A publisher’s ability to innovate around content
is critical, yet many publishers are having a hard time evolving. They know it too!

Many would like to explore vendor partnerships,
but few vendors take the steps needed to gain the publisher’s trust and

If you want to work with a publisher, start by remembering
these points:

You don’t know everything.

You need to listen.

It’s good that you know your product’s strengths,
but you must respect the publisher’s strengths too.

Be confident and offer your expertise, but
understand that there is no plug and play.

Your expertise needs to be combined with their
experience and reconfigured to arrive at the right solution.

Times are changing. Some publishers will make it and some won’t.

None of them will engage you along the way unless
you take the time to understand their business and culture.

(NOTE – This isn’t just the view from the outside looking
inside. This is commonly the view from
the inside looking across. Think about