As change managers we can
become resistant to changing a defined approach when the product, process, project,
or schedule we’re managing becomes our “baby”.

How can we balance the
need for progress against the reality that situations can change before we’ve
achieved our goals?

How do we insure we’re
making the right progress?

  1. Be open to feedback.
  1. When feedback seems to contradict the current direction (in a minor or a major way), don’t stop and react.
  1. Instead, investigate and analyze (but not for too long).

· Assemble the
appropriate team members and stakeholders.

· Determine what
needs to be done to address the issue.

  1. Secure support from all impacted parties.*

· Product or
project sponsors.

· Various levels
of management.

· Stakeholders
and team members that weren’t involved in “triage”.

  1. Once a change is defined, communicate the change, and why it’s occurring, to the broader audience (department, company, vendors, and partners, etc.).
  1. Execute the change.

* This may cause you to go
back to 3!

On a related note: Steve Roesler writes “Are you
in love with your plan?”