Back in July I wrote
Radical Leap
, by Steve Farber. Yesterday I (finally) read the sequel, The
Radical Edge

covered my favorite concept in the book, finding
your frequency
, but there is so much more. 

There’s the Radical Edge
defined “achieving simultaneous fulfillment of three of life’s seemingly
incompatible spheres…your business, your personal life, and your effect on the

Then there’s the WUP (Wake
Up Pad).  

A WUP is where you record
your observations about everything around you. You scan your surroundings, listen to what’s going on, and take note of
things. You write them down, record them, or somehow capture them for later

There are no arbitrary
boundaries. Write down what you see at
home, at work, in your neighborhood, on the news, at school – whatever strikes
you. Don’t make any judgments about
what you’ve written.

Then you ponder (ask
questions, consider what it means to you, to business, to life). When you’ve thought about it a bit you
introduce your observations to others and discuss them (hopefully you’ll hear
about what they’ve seen as well). 

Finally, you do something
about what you’ve seen and discussed.

As one of Steve’s
characters points out, “you’re not doing this to waste time; you’re doing this
to create new ideas.”

There are many other creativity and leadership insights embedded in this story.

You should read it and see for yourself!