My son came up to me last
night and said “Mom, tomorrow is take your child to work day”. Before he could finish I started laughing “so
you want to stay home. Nice try!”

Then I thought about it. Why was my first assumption that he wanted to
watch TV and play video games all day? Is that what employers think working at home involves? Shame on me! 

Why shouldn’t he understand
that working from home has its own set of demands, rewards, and

So…Adam is home today. He is getting a few lessons on what I do, how
to run a business, and he’s organizing all of my reading material (as you might
have imagined, I have a TON of reading material).  

He’s also feeding the dogs,
keeping the laundry running, and dealing with any other interruptions that
might arise. He’s learning that in my
life there aren’t hard lines between business and everything else. Personally, that’s how I like it.

When he’s done today, he
has to write a blog entry – so we’ll get to see what he thinks about working
this way!

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