Reading Seth Godin’s post,
ways to defend the status quo
, made me think about survivors.

Aren’t they the ones defending
the status quo

Survivors wait to see
which way things are moving before they commit. They wait to see if the leader will be punished or rewarded before they
will voice an opinion.

They don’t help find the
answers or explore new options because they can’t risk being associated with a

They are often eager to
point to the “failures” of others.

can be passive-aggressive, protectionist, and territorial.  

are not innovators.

are explorers not survivors.  

are risk takers.

have opinions and share them.

are passionate. They try to lobby
support to get an idea off the ground and they don’t care if the idea wasn’t
theirs – as long as it’s got potential! 

Innovators try to find ways
to do things that haven’t been done before.