You’re someone with definite lines between your
work life and your personal life. You
work hard, but you play hard.

One of your friends convinces you to get a
Facebook account.

You’re not familiar with Facebook, or any social network, but you’re adventurous so you sign up.

As you build your profile your friends start to find
you. You accept their invitations to connect.

Some of them are out of control, but they’re your
friends.  Let’s face it, sometimes you’re out of control.

You click through to your friend’s profiles and
are pretty astounded by what you see. “Interesting” pictures and detailed accounts of your
friend’s antics abound.

Some of those
antics involve you.

They send you “gifts” and say things on your wall,
things you probably wouldn’t have shared with the world.

But it’s all good – until today when you open your
email and see an invitation to “connect” from your boss.

Now what?

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