We rarely get a clean slate.

Most of the companies we work with, or for, have
been around for a while.

Even those that haven’t are founded on assumptions
and principles that quickly get imbedded into our thinking.

How can we look to the future without being overcome
by the present (or the past)?

Isn’t it best to start our planning with the present
state in mind and work forward from there?

I don’t think so.

When we start with our current state, we start at
a disadvantage. Our focus is internal, on
ourselves not on our customers, our industry, or our environment.

We look at what we can add, omit, combine, or

We don’t always consider what we should be doing. We consider what we can be doing.

Instead, why not start by identifying our desired
outcomes and determining how we might create them if we were starting fresh?

We may become aware of foundational flaws in
our approach or opportunities we’ve never considered.