Why would Microsoft release an amazing product and then load it up with so many plug-ins that it becomes unusable for its primary purpose?

I recently bought a new laptop with Microsoft Vista installed.  While I like the interface and many of the new capabilities it offers, I have had problems with compatibility.

MS Office 2003 acted so strangely that I installed Office 2007 and hoped my problems would be solved.

They were in every program except Outlook (the one I use the most).

Outlook 2007 performed so poorly that it was literally unusable. 

The cursor would frequently disappear. 

Sending and receiving email took 20-30 minutes when it used to take seconds.

Every time I typed an email I couldn’t see the words I had typed for several minutes after typing them. Emails that had taken 30 seconds to answer before were now taking me 10 minutes!

I decided to search the message boards for a fix.  For almost an hour I read post after post complaining of exactly the same problems.  These posts dated back to mid-2006, the beta version.

I finally found a post that instructed me to disable all of the Outlook plug-ins except two.

All of my problems were solved.  The program was lightening fast and I loved every enhancement Microsoft had made.

Microsoft has to know about this.  The problems are discussed on every message board I visited – many of which I found through the Microsoft website. 

Why aren’t they listening?

Why aren’t they changing the way the software is shipped (defaulting to plug-ins off and instructing users when and why they might need them)?

It seems as though the engineering view (“Wow, look at all these neat things our product can do!”) has trumped customer needs (“Great, but I can’t send an email)!