We’ve all heard stories about college graduates looking for jobs but getting “foiled” by their Internet presence. 

We know that employers routinely search online for us when we’re looking for a job.

It’s generally accepted that the kind of information a prospective employer finds online can impact their willingness to offer us a job.

But I wonder if we’ve considered what people don’t find when they look for us?

I got an email this morning requesting that I register for an industry event.

A couple of the speakers looked interesting so I started to poke around.


These were people speaking for a relatively well-known organization whose professions were described as industry pundits and consulting professionals.

In two cases I found a LinkedIn profile, but it was sparse.  It didn’t even offer a summary description. 

In the third case, it was impossible for me to disambiguate the results.  There was a public relations professional, a lawyer, a writer, and several others all with the same name. 

When someone searches for you, what do they find?

What don’t they find?

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