If you are in publishing or media and haven’t read
Print is Dead, a blog by Jeff Gomez,
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on literacy:

“The real battle is now being fought — and
potentially lost — and it has nothing to do with pages or screens, bindings or
devices. It has instead to do with eyes
and words.”

This post
about the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) literacy study
struck a chord with me. I read more than
ever now, but I just threw out 5 years of back issues of the Harvard Business
Review, Fast Company, and several newsletters. I read online or stored PDF files. I do read books, but not as many as I used to read. I wonder what reading studies “count” as

In another post: What
your bookshelf says about you
, Jeff writes:

“In fact,
not only is print dead, but it also seems — since its true purpose is now to be
admired in display rather than read or absorbed — to have been stuffed and

You may agree with him. You may not. But I promise he’ll make you think!