Today when commenting on
the fact that many successful companies were not started by (nor did they employ)
professional marketers, Seth
Godin wrote

“…anyone crazy enough and
passionate enough to start something is definitely
a marketer. It’s not great programming that turns one Net company into a
success while another flounders. More often than not, it’s about how good a job
the amateur running the marketing and design did.” 

I think it was the passion
that made these entrepreneurs successful.

They knew the problem and
they were dissatisfied – dissatisfied
enough to do something about it

They created a solution
that worked.

The solution was
successful because it worked and
because they were passionate and tireless in spreading the word.  

Could professional
marketing or design make the product more successful?

Absolutely! Adding formal skills and experience to
passion, energy, and great product can be a benefit.

If you’re a professional
marketer, do you know (really know) your solution works for your
customers? Are you passionate and
tireless in spreading the word? 

Personally, that’s what I
believe these entrepreneurs did right!