Twitter is a 140
character public way to answer the question “What are you doing?”

I was hearing about
Twitter constantly so I decided to check it out.

I registered.

I invited some friends.

Within an hour someone I didn’t know (but whose blog
I read) added me to their list!

I set Twitter to notify me
through Google Talk if someone in my
network (9 people at the moment) posted anything.

While posting on Twitter
is fun, and can be informative (I got several links to interesting articles and
blog posts), I’m still on the fence. 

I’m hoping that if I limit
the group to people I know, or in whose work or specialty I’m interested, that
I might find it useful.

When it comes to Twitter’s
impact on blogging, I
agree with Scott Karp
. Twitter won’t
replace blogs, it’s a different kind of communication.

The Wall
Street Journal
also had something to say:

“These services elicit
mixed feelings in the technology-savvy people who have been their early
adopters. Fans say they are a good way to keep in touch with busy friends. But
some users are starting to feel "too" connected, as they grapple with
check-in messages at odd hours, higher cellphone bills and the need to tell
acquaintances to stop announcing what they’re having for dinner.”

“Twitter’s Mr. Dorsey…defended
the site’s often prosaic content.

“Everyone says Twitter’s
completely useless, I don’t want all this information," he said. "We
check in later, and they’re complete addicts."”

I’m not
so sure addictions are a good thing
. Time will tell.