Shouldn’t we all be
allowed to have a phobia?


I hate bugs, all bugs
(except ladybugs and butterflies). 


Bugs scare me.

Angry people don’t scare

Speaking in front of groups
doesn’t scare me (that much).

Heights, closed spaces,
loud noises, snakes – none of them really scare me. 

But bugs??? Forget about it!


Is it rational? No. That’s why it’s a phobia. 

My fear of bugs makes it
nearly impossible for me to do certain things well.

Gardening, camping, cleaning the basement or
the garage – sorry, none of that is going to happen.

I know where bugs hide!


The good news is that my
phobia has not been all that limiting for me. 

Are you afraid of

Does it hold you back from
doing things you would like to do? 

Are you afraid of speaking
in front of groups, or rejection, or being told you don’t know what you’re
talking about?

What’s the worst that
could happen
if you attacked your fear head on? 

If you weren’t afraid,
what could you do differently? 

I’ll make you a deal.

If you try to deal with
your fear, I’ll try to deal with mine.

The thought of that is
just terrifying, isn’t it?