Easton Ellsworth over at Business Blog Wire started the
practice of blog tipping several months ago.

How it works: On the first day of the month you mention
three blogs. You write three things you
like about them and offer one “tip”.  

This month, I tip my blog

Richard Charkin, CEO Macmillan Publishers and author
of Charkin Blog

  1. You are a wealth of information, great stories, and perspective on publishing and its future.
  2. You started blogging to communicate and to learn and you never hesitate to share your findings and musings with your readers.
  3. You are willing to bring up the tough issues and address them with the authors, book store owners, and others involved in publishing that read and comment on your blog. 

Tip: Keep doing what
you’re doing. Whether or not people are
commenting, they’re out there and you’re impacting their views. Besides, only a few of us raise our hands in
class and even fewer sit in the first row!

Prince Campbell,
genius at Chartreuse (BETA)

  1. You make blogging a thought-provoking, meaningful, and creative art form.
  2. You help people see the big picture. You talk about the old and the new and always contrast them with incredible insight.
  3. You’re tough when you need to be, but you still make me feel welcome! 

Tip: Take site security
out for drinks – he’s doing a great job.

Easton Ellsworth,
father of blog tipping and author of Business
Blog Wire

  1. You are so community oriented that you make blogging (and more importantly, the communication it enables) less scary!
  2. You’re always finding new tools and ways to help us all save time and communicate more effectively.
  3. You are a humble genius. 

Tip: Don’t burn out – and
keep those great ideas coming. We need

Stay tuned for October 1st
blog tipping! 

What could be more related
to change than learning, making great connections, and encouraging people
through a blog?