A few months back I made some noise on Tom
Peters’ blog
about how Dell customer service was pitiful.   

A week or so later, I got
a call from Rob – My Dell Guy! 

Rob said: “From now on,
you just call me if you have a problem.” He gave me his extension and his email

This week, I had a

I called Rob.

He sent me a new hard

Well, I needed the drivers
for my new hard drive and Rob said that I needed to call the regular Customer
Service area for them.

I called.  

“Hello, my name is
XXXX. What is your Service Tag number?”

(My what?) 

No sooner than I produced
my Service Tag number, the rep said “Your machines are out of warranty.”

Does that sound like the FIRST
response of someone that would have sent me a hard drive seven and a half
months after my purchase date (1.5 months after the warranty expired)? 

I think not.

How about: “Hello, Ms.
Michael! I see you’ve purchased three
laptops from us this year. Thank you for
your business. How might I help you

Make some public noise and
you might get good customer service.

If you are fortunate enough
to get a “Rob”, hold on for dear life. (As long as I have Dells –
Rob is on my Christmas list.) 

Is that really what you
want your customers to learn????