Before knowledge, there is chaos! 

In the last week, this
principle has come up twice.

Once it was on ConverStations,
Mike Sansone’s

The other time it was at a
client’s site.

Whether you’re renovating
your house or redirecting your organization to take advantage of new market
opportunities, change involves confusion and chaos. 

Something that exists must
be dismantled, examined, or altered before you can build something new.

When it’s dismantled, it
can get ugly! 

The whole “room” has
components spread all around as you pull them out to examine them.

You see parts you never
saw before (some you like and some you don’t like). 

Often people see the
“mess” and worry that they aren’t really making progress. They may not be sure where or how to start
cleaning things up.

But ultimately, they pick a
corner and start making decisions: some
things they keep, some things they give away, and others they discard completely. 

Whether learning,
changing, or cleaning your house, chaos is a necessary step – when what is must
transform into what will be.