, VP Emerging Channels at Digitas,
wrote a
post about how he uses RSS feeds
to manage the blogs he reads.

He subscribes to blogs (via RSS) that catch his interest and
then deletes them if they don’t maintain it.

I do the same thing. I also delete blogs I’ve been reading if they
start to feel stale and repetitive.

So, how important is it to balance being
consistent, and thereby fulfilling audience expectations, with staying fresh
and relevant? 

How do we continually find fresh ways to get a
message across?

This is something that I need to work on, but so
far I’ve found that I have more ideas when I change things

I try to interact with lots of different people,
attend interesting conferences, read about different philosophies, and avoid spending
too much time locked in front of my computer (that one’s really hard).

Triggers come from the oddest places!

But, getting into a rut doesn’t just happen with

What about our careers, family life, hobbies, businesses?

What do you do to keep it fresh?