Have you ever called
voicemail and left yourself a

I have. I do it all the time.

It seems as though
important things I need to do, or interesting thoughts, often occur to me when I
can’t write them down. 

I used to listen to those
messages and then have to transcribe the important parts.

Not anymore! 

Thanks to Drew
, I’ve been using Jott.com for a few
days now. 

I’m completely hooked (and
so far I’ve only “jotted” myself!). 

Instead of calling my
voicemail, I call Jott’s toll free number, say who I want to Jott, and start

Within minutes, the fully
transcribed message is emailed to me.  

I’ve already started
several blog posts this way (what a time saver!).

Go check it out and I’ll
bet you quickly find a use for it too!