In the past several weeks
I’ve been watching interesting debates about why people blog, what they want to
get out of it, why they care (or don’t care) about user statistics, and why
they believe they should post at whatever rate they have chosen to post.

It made me ask myself:
What do I get out of blogging?  

All the reasons I
started blogging
are still valid, but I have experienced some benefits I
never fully grasped until recently.

Writing daily has caused
me to read more and to be better connected to the world around me.

Reading more has taught me to filter information efficiently. It’s also made me formulate opinions about
what I read a lot more carefully. I’m
engaged in my environment at a level I have never been before.  

Blogging, however, is NOT
what’s important. Having a communication
and feedback tool is what matters. Blogging enables me to accomplish the “job” I want to do: organize and
clarify my thoughts, share them, get feedback, and learn!

I have also met some
amazing people through publicly sharing my thoughts (some through comments, some through email, others on the phone, and two I have met in person!).  

one needs to be isolated
unless they chose to be.

That goes for corporations

Do you want to know what
your customers are saying about you?


You don’t like what you


It’s a brave new world out


PS – I’ve also gained
$2.03 from my Amazon Affiliate account. I think it’s from books I actually bought for myself. No matter – I now consider myself a
professional writer!