Constantly worried about fingerprints or smudges
on your iPhone or your iPod Touch?

How often do you feel compelled to clean the

Ever disconnect a call, stop a video, or change a
song because you were wiping off a smudge?

You may have EDT-OCD (Electronic Device Triggered Obsessive
Compulsive Disorder).

I used to be normal (well normal enough), now if
my iPod Touch isn’t smudge free, I can’t handle it. 

It happens with my Blackberry Pearl too, but
at least that has keys!

With the iPhone and the iPod Touch, YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO TOUCH THE SCREEN.

How cruel is that?

“Look what we developed!  It’s a shiny, sleek, and way cool new device. Operate
it with a touch of your finger and, oh yeah (
getting fingerprints on it will drive you nuts!”

I’m waiting for this to show up in the