Unless you’re living under a rock somewhere, I’m
sure you’ve heard about the launch
of the iPhone

The iPhone has been called the ultimate
electronic gadget
and even the
messiah or Jesus phone


Not without its issues, there are those that point
to the limitations of the AT&T at&t network and the iPhone’s iPod
like battery issues

Some don’t like the absence of a physical
keyboard, while others are in awe of what the device has done to move
convergence ahead. Some think
convergence is highly over-rated

worry about its durability
. Others don’t think durability
is an issue

Then there are some that believe this is a brilliant
move by Apple to take over the wireless industry

Whatever your opinions about
Apple and the iPhone
, we can all agree that Apple has done something right.

Wouldn’t we all LOVE to have
, or send
others to line up
, to buy our product?