I NEVER do things like
this but
Liz “tagged” me
to write five things on my blog that people might not know
about me – and I have a hard time saying no to Liz!  

I figure it’s not such a
bad idea for us to get to know each other a little better. So how about this: I’ll write 5 things about me and you leave at
least one interesting thing about yourself in a comment?! Deal?

Tomorrow we’ll be back to
business as usual! 


I have a horrible laugh
(although it has become my “trademark” and some people call it infectious). Since I laugh A LOT you can’t have a 5 minute
conversation with me without hearing it!

When I was 1 my parents
bought a Great Dane (and then acquired 3 more). For my first few years I was raised around a constant stream of
puppies. It was heaven! 

To get my first job, I
lied! I said I was 18 when I was only
15. I was a waitress. After 6 months I was promoted to a
supervisor. I was 15 and managing people
twice my age. It was a humbling

My mother says I’m always
in a rush. I graduated high school at 16
because I was bored. I got my Bachelors
and Masters on the same day (at 21) and couldn’t wait to get out into the work
world. I’m addicted to progress (to
change!).  I have developed a little
more patience with age, but I still find it very difficult to stop moving.

Once when I was on a cross
country flight with my husband I shared something I thought was interesting
from the book I was reading. Noticing
that I had highlighted this point on the title
he rolled his eyes and said “this is going to be a very long flight”.  (The book was ReImagine! by Tom Peters.)

I’m supposed to “tag” 5
more people so: Ellen Weber, Philippa Kennealy, Valeria Maltoni,
Rob (a.k.a. iScatterlings) , and Blaine Collins – you’re it!